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Prevent Insects! Product Feature: Ortho® Home Defense®
Ortho® Home Defense® products are part of of the primary products in the industry wrestling all species of bugs. Our spotlight product of the month will demonstrate and show you how to exterminate many species of insects and the right product to buy.
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Tips on Canning and How to Get Started
See how you can preserve your food better through canning. This process is the art of processing certain foods in closed jars at high temperatures to let the heat deter spoilage and kill contamination within.
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Its that time of year: Lawn Fertilizer 101
Euston Hardware show instructions and tips on how to lay down fertilizer for your lawn. Study up on how you can achieve the perfect look for your lawn through the steps and tips provided.
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Prep & Paint
Are you planning a paint project? There are only a few paint supplies to gather before you even begin painting. Once you have the supplies, its still time to paint, prepping the room before you paint like applying painters tape, covering hardware that you do not want paint on, and patching the walls will result in a paint job that will look like a pro finished it.
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3 Tips for Garage Door Care
Learn 3 pointers on how to protect your garage door throughout the seasons and after certain climate have hit. There could be signs of damage or squeaking, or might be the door isn't moving so smoothly any more.
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Wood Pellet Grill or Smoker?
Get barbequing by contemplating which grill you would want to shop for; Smoker or Pellet. There are pros and cons about each depending on your taste of grilling. Review some things about each grill in this article and then talk to a store grill pro at Euston Hardware in Kansas City for help with your preferred grill.
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Time to Take Care of that Moss!
Fuzzy green stuff, or moss is a shallow-rooted organism that transmits by dispersing spores and growing root-like structures called rhizoids. The moss loves to grow in cool and moist places starting in spring growing through the warm months until fall.
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Urgent Need for N95 Masks
  Please help us help the health care professionals and the victims of this horrible coronavirus! Dentists, hobbyists, construction trade and DIYers if you have 1, 2 or 10 NEW n95 facemasks (or any type) please consider donating NOW!  We’re collecting at all 4 stores, keeping them safe and secure. We are asking neighbors and family, too! In a few days, we’ll gather your donated masks and drop them off at area hospitals in need.  If you need masks picked up call or...
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COVID-19 Store Adjusted Hours
Due to ongoing COVID-19 issues, our stores will alter our hours of operation. The Prairie Village, Red Bridge and Waldo locations will now close at 7pm Monday through Friday. All 3 stores will open at 8am. This will allow us to do an even better job of cleaning our stores daily and allow us to accommodate our staffing needs. Weekend hours will remain the same at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause of great customers. Thank you Monday - Friday 8a -7p Saturday 8a -...
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Power Equipment Tips and Maintenance
Achieving some key power equipment upkeep now, could benefit you, the homeowner, because youll know that your machinery works safely and aids in getting the job complete.
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10 Power Tool Safety Rules
Constantly use your power tools within their intention. Be sure to know and read the manual from the manufacturer, to insure that you are using it correctly. Find out that you have the proper shoes, gloves and eyewear for protection...
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Smoke Your Holiday Turkey
Smoking your holiday turkey is in! View this video from Weber on how to get the juiciest turkey and most flavor you can get!
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Fall Grass Seeding from Euston Hardware
At Euston Hardware in Kansas City we recommend seeding at the end of summer or autumn. The right time to establish grass seed and administer fertilizer in fall months will amend the lawn for an appealing lawn in the warmer months.
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Learn A Little About Spray Paint
Aerosol spray paint is an impressive creation! It is so versatile and easy to use. It unquestionably cuts time for painting in half, especially if you are doing a smaller project. Often the chief brands and leaders in spray paint are inventive better ways to use it.
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Its Never Too Late To Install Heat Tapes Around Your Pipes:
One of the not so good things that can happen during cold spell is having your water turn off due to your pipes freezing. This may be momentary and your pipes might defrost on its own with no hardship. But if the pipes are frosted over for a reasonable span of time, there is a possibility of them totally fracturing, resulting in an expensive pipe restoration job. Not to mention the constant flooding that might occur ruining carpet and many types of floors and drywall. To support you and hinder...
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2019 DIY Home Projects
The New Year is here! Improve the look, feel, and value of your home with these 5 quick and easy projects in 2019.
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Some of the best 10 Tips for Saving Money and Energy this Winter in Kansas City
Winterization should be of the most important life hacks you can leverage to keep your residence constant at top power. This could be often achieved by upgrading to ENERGY STAR windows or doors, converting to LED bulbs, better insulating your residence, and sealing leaks. If you are looking to get serious about money and energy saving this winter, here are some of the best 10 picks for the most powerful ways to put more back into your wallet.
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Painting like the pros, even if you arent one.
Painting. For some, it is the best way to renovate your home without breaking the bank. For others, it is the worst thing that only gets done right before moving. Either way, we have compiled a few of the best tip and tricks to help you get your colors from why did we pick this color to this is so much better!
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